Winter’s Field

Winter's Field
“Winter’s Field” ~ taken with an iPhone 5


In Winter’s barren, snowy field I stand,

My tender heart gripped tightly in his icy hand.

His frosty breath across my naked soul doth blow,

Leaving in its numbing wake a frosted, ruddy glow.


I didn’t mean to stand in Winter’s field so bare.

When first I stood it blossomed green and lovely there.

But then, alas, the changing leaves did fall,

And that which I had first observed appeared to be nowhere at all.


So here I stand, in nature’s stone-cold lonely place,

The light of love gone briefly from my care-worn face.

Instead a dormant season now resides ~

Within my chilléd heart love’s smouldering fire hides.


Yet Winter’s frosted season too must end,

As Spring her warming greeting soon will send.

And so my frozen sojourn, too, will cease,

And once again love’s warmth in me increase.


Temperatures have plunged again. Minus 20C with windchill is not such a winter blessing.

Still, the frigid weather reminds me of this poem written years ago when my life was in a dark and chilly place.

How the years have changed me; what lessons they have taught. I am blessed to be able to look back on desperate times with an open mind and healed heart.

Winter cannot last forever. Just eight weeks until spring. 😉

Be well,



Note: This image was taken yesterday afternoon as temperatures were dropping. What caught my eye were the prismatic colours bouncing off the clouds. It was just that cold. Do you see them?

©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014

7 thoughts on “Winter’s Field

  1. A truly beautiful poem that in the end is filled with hope. And so goes your photo and the last words in your post, “Winter cannot last forever. Just eight weeks until spring.”

  2. This perfectly describes a state of mind and season. It reminded me of an interview that I heard on NPR this afternoon regarding the winter bleakness. Here’s the link if you are interested:

    It was quite appropriate for my ride home as yet another storm and extreme chill are beginning to blanket the region! And the story is so moving…

    Oh, and I did notice the colors too! Amazing what nature can bring forth in beauty even in the harshest of times!

    1. Really interesting interview. I am familiar with Schubert. His songs are simple and beautiful and this song serves as such a poignant backdrop to the story. … Of course winter can be so bleak. I hear stories from my mother of winters in northern Alberta in the 1940s and how brutal they were. As we go through this harsh winter now, I feel blessed to be sheltered and warm in a loving home. … When I wrote this poem I was in a bleak and brutal period of my life. My spirit numbed and frozen by the coldness of a dying marriage. I longed for the spring and to feel warm again, and after leaving that dead space and a few years of struggling with my truth I did indeed feel warm again. 🙂 …Thank you for sharing this interview. It was beautiful. … Be well, Dorothy. … (So glad you see the colours. They mesmerized me. 😉 … )

      1. Your poem resonated deeply with me as it also reminded me of the same experience as yours. Luckily, I, too am equally blessed now. So grateful to be in the warmth of a loving relationship!

        Still dealing with frigid temps here and furnace problems today though at least one half the house still has heat!

      2. Oh boy. Furnace problems today? Brutal! We are in the depth of winter chill again. High winds and blowing snow. It’s been a long time since we’ve endured such a harsh winter. Hope your furnace issues are fixed soon. Stay warm.

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