Sink or Swim

Sink or swim? A choice I, And I alone, Must make. Treading water Tires the more I delay. Clouds of confusion Hover and rain Down their tears Upon these Restless waters That drown My spirit. A dry, distant horizon Hints at light and Beckons, and still I delay. Oops … there’s a shark. ~*~ This … More Sink or Swim

The Soup of My Soul

What it is to feel the weight of change. Every fibre of my being in a shift. Energy flits and flies from Head to toe. Takes my breath away; Gives it back. Breathe … Moving through another layer Self-doubt waves in my Direction. “Remember me?” it yells, Desperate for my attention While desperately I push … More The Soup of My Soul

A New Life

Clearing land, you know, it never ends. My land, and then Henry’s down the road. Hard work. Real hard. We came here with our families, see. From the ol’ country. Across the pond in one of them big vessels packed with other hopefuls looking for a new life. We left everything behind that wouldn’t pack … More A New Life

A String of Pearls

“What are you listening to?” Sara, my teenage niece, waltzes into my living room like she owns the place and demonstrates scant interest in my choice of music as she flops in the big leather chair in the corner. I’m sure she’s secretly hoping I’ll turn it off. “String of Pearls.” “String of what?” “Pearls, … More A String of Pearls