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The journey to finding my voice has followed a long and winding path.

Setting my heart on the page without fear of it getting tromped has always been, and continues to be to some extent, an exercise in introspection, self-awareness and courage. One cannot grow up in the shadows without feeling overwhelmed by that first, second or even third step into a spasm of light.

It’s a tale too long to tell for this introduction, and perhaps one day I will share it. For now, some brief insight into what stirs my world as a writer, poet and communicator.

In So Many Words reflects a quiet strength and, I hope, a sense of joy and fun built on the bumpy road of life.

My horses have played an integral part in the journey to finding my voice. How appropriate, therefore, that each should join me on this journey with larger-than-life names reflecting their larger-than-life personalities. Shakespeare* (Bear) trotted into my life in 2006 as my healing journey was beginning. What a time we have shared! He represents the broken heart now mended and learning to soar. Sophia Loren (Sophi) jumped on board in 2015, and is giving me my wings. Bear makes me smile and keeps me grounded. Sophi inspires my dreams and potential, both as an equestrian and a writer.

My healing journey with Bear inspired me to participate in a Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) certification course, and as of 2014 I am a practitioner of this amazing healing work. My practice is established on our farm an hour north of Toronto in southern Ontario.

Of course, the journey is not complete without the love, perspectives, wisdom, joy, pain, awareness (or lack thereof), humour, opinions, memories and experiences of family and friends. Whoever they are, whatever their purpose for being in my life they help me to see myself and my place in the world more clearly. It is a great gift.

They also provide fantastic fodder for my characters. 😉

As a writer I am enthralled by the work of other wordsmiths. My interest lies mostly in historical fiction, mysteries, some humour, and books that uplift and strengthen the spirit. Favoured authors, for their stories and style, include Margaret George, Edward Rutherfurd, Steven Saylor, Sophie Kinsella, Anne Perry, Kate Morton, Barbara Erskine, Kenneth Roberts, Anya Seton and Taylor Caldwell. Favourite poets include Robert Frost, Ogden Nash, Gerard Manley Hopkins and, of course, William Shakespeare.

For my part, I have a number of blogs, short story and poetry projects on the go. My recently completed debut novel, Murder on the High Cs ~ a light-hearted murder mystery set in the melodramatic world of divas and dysfunction, is a fun poke at the world of opera in which I grew up. In 2018 this labour of love was long-listed for the Crime Writers of Canada “Unhanged Arthur” Award for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel.

Presently, I’m revisiting a novel started several years ago which tells the story of a woman’s redemption following 27 years trapped in a psychologically abusive marriage. It’s set in the 1960s, a time when women put up and shut up. It’s a story for our time.

Speaking of time, thank you for sharing some with me. Be sure to check out the menu at the top of this blog to discover what else is going on in my imagination.

Be well …

Dorothy Chiotti
Novelist . Poet . Communicator

*Shakespeare suddenly and tragically departed this world November 20, 2017 at the age of 16. He lives forever in my heart.


Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2018

25 thoughts on “My Voice

  1. Something you said in response to another writers content drove me to you. I am very happy it did as you have a beautiful way about you that is extremely pleasurable to the mind. It was a comment you made to Mike Crape about why we do this and would love to share my response with you…
    “What you and dorothychiotti just said sent a ping off in the deepest parts of my mind. I have been lucky enough to gain many readers and Facebook likes but cannot seem to “get found” by any other bloggers. At a time or two I found myself sullen over that fact but then the truth of it is… it’s no more then my journal. It started as such and that’s what it truly is. What we write and do is uniquely us and a view into our world… most of all for ourselves.”
    dorothychiotti, I look forward to reading more of your work.

    1. Thank you for your heartfelt response to my words about why we write. … It is very tempting to get caught up in the need to be heard by others when, in fact, I believe the real point to writing is that we actually get to hear ourselves. It seems to me that often people are as ignorant of their writing as they are of their speech, and don’t actually grasp the impact their voice has on the people whose lives they touch. … I’m careful about whose works I read because their voice will live in me, at some level, forever. Likewise, I am mindful about my own writing because I know my words will live in my readers at some level for a long time. I want to ensure my voice edifies and enhances the lives of those who chance to stop to read them. If my writing has reached you in some positive and uplifting way, I am honoured. … Write from your heart and you’ll never go wrong. Even if the only person you reach is you, it is enough. Be well and thanks for stopping by. Dorothy 🙂

  2. You are a thing of beauty, Dorothy. Inside and out. Congrats on your wedding –

    We share the love of horses too. That can be our bond (smiling).

    God bless and keep you and yours always.

      1. Allow me to extend my most well intended and belated Birthday Wish, Dorothy. I surmise you’re still a blushing 24 ? (smiling).

        God bless you and yours.

  3. Congratulations on your wedding, a bit late 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your blog or blogs I should say. I´ll have to thank Kellie, since I found this blog through the FWF prompt.

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