~*~ A precious, fragile gift To you, from me. Unseen to the eye, Yet ever present in the heart. Handle with care. If you break it, Don’t come back for more. ~*~ My response to Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday challenge for this week. Yes, I know it’s Sunday. 😉 Thanks for visiting … Dorothy … More Trust

Winter’s Field

~*~ In Winter’s barren, snowy field I stand, My tender heart gripped tightly in his icy hand. His frosty breath across my naked soul doth blow, Leaving in its numbing wake a frosted, ruddy glow. * I didn’t mean to stand in Winter’s field so bare. When first I stood it blossomed green and lovely … More Winter’s Field

Wit’s End

Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! ~*~ This is an excerpt from a novel I started writing many years ago. It’s been parked in a file folder on my computer for a while and when this challenge came up I thought I’d take another look at this scene and give it a re-write … without the ending, … More Wit’s End


~*~ ~*~ The cold of Winter hath the landscape gripped And wrapped its frosted fingers good and tight. And from the trees vast branches hath been ripped, Their scars a sad and plaintive sign of plight. And o’er the hills vast swathes of icy snow A mass of crystal twinkling ‘neath the sun A blesséd … More Winter