Just A Statue

“That’s a bit dark, isn’t it?” Mona screwed her mouth into a pouty knot and grimaced. “Miss Liberty looks like she’s had a few.” “A few what?” asked Lisa. “You know, molto vino.” “Don’t be ridiculous! It’s a statue!” “Whatever … she’s seen better days.” “No doubt.” Mona and Lisa stood together and studied the desolate … More Just A Statue

Staring Out The Window

    ~*~ “Sadie!” Young Sadie, lost in a haze of distracted thought, didn’t hear her name being called and continued to gaze absently through the classroom window toward the woods in the distance. She was looking at nothing in particular. It was an escape. “Sadie Perkins! I’d like to see you outside. … Now!” The double-barrelled … More Staring Out The Window

Go Away!

      ~*~ “What the hell does that even mean?” Cynthia glares at me with raccoon eyes and wails. “What do you know of my pain? My suffering? You who have everything. You think my life can be fixed with empty platitudes? Go away!” She slumps her fashionable thirty-something frame into the sofa and sobs … More Go Away!