Sir Winter

~ X ~ Sir Winter hath his frigid tune declared With blast of snow ‘pon wind that gusteth fierce. But I, perchance, am not so unprepared My body warm with blankets nought can pierce. Though sleet and rain and pellets icy fall Upon the ground and mire where’er I go, My repast take I warmly … More Sir Winter

My Week in Music

Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week ~ Five songs that represent this past week for me ~ ~*~ Oh, a music prompt! I love these … Having given a few moments thought to my week, these are the musical selections that come immediately to mind: Selection #1 ~ Right here, right now (Jesus Jones) ~ this could … More My Week in Music


Free Write Friday with Kellie Elmore. Time and place scenario. You suddenly find yourself standing alone on an unknown sidewalk in an unknown place. It’s night and snowing and the only other person around is walking away from you…. ~*~ Again I’ve been here before In this place Alone. A back turned. Abandoned. A swell … More Again

A New Life

Clearing land, you know, it never ends. My land, and then Henry’s down the road. Hard work. Real hard. We came here with our families, see. From the ol’ country. Across the pond in one of them big vessels packed with other hopefuls looking for a new life. We left everything behind that wouldn’t pack … More A New Life

Winter’s Field

~*~ In Winter’s barren, snowy field I stand, My tender heart gripped tightly in his icy hand. His frosty breath across my naked soul doth blow, Leaving in its numbing wake a frosted, ruddy glow. * I didn’t mean to stand in Winter’s field so bare. When first I stood it blossomed green and lovely … More Winter’s Field


~*~ ~*~ The cold of Winter hath the landscape gripped And wrapped its frosted fingers good and tight. And from the trees vast branches hath been ripped, Their scars a sad and plaintive sign of plight. And o’er the hills vast swathes of icy snow A mass of crystal twinkling ‘neath the sun A blesséd … More Winter

Free Write Friday: Fall Word Bank … The Season of Senses

It’s Free Write Friday and this week Kellie Elmore has issued a word bank challenge. Deposited in the bank this week are: foliage – amber – wicker – aroma – sweater – cocoa And here’s my free write ramble, lightly edited … The Season of Senses Mirabel stepped off the front porch step to the … More Free Write Friday: Fall Word Bank … The Season of Senses