Summer’s First Kiss

Summer’s first kiss A fantasy A fumble A moment made humble. Not stolen; Theft. ~*~ “Do you remember your first kiss?” Summer asked of her mother. “Oh, darling, that was such a long time ago.” She thought for a moment. “It certainly wasn’t with your dad.” “That would be a no, then?” Summer was despondent. “Yes, that … More Summer’s First Kiss


Catastrophe. This is the first word I hear as I slowly awaken from my long, deep sleep. What catastrophe? Then … “She’s awake!” … and suddenly my quiet drifting world descends into a delirium of the fussing, fretting and fearful. “Oh my god! She’s awake … look!” The room floods with hysteria. “Please stop!” I scream, … More Catastrophe

A Simple Message

This post is written in response to a challenge offered by Lana of Living with Post Concussion Syndrome. Please take a moment to visit her inspiring blog. The challenge: What Dreams Are Made Of … For this writing event, share a dream or two that’s had a great effect ~ even after waking. ~*~ I always pay attention to … More A Simple Message

Giving Voice to Anger

At this middle-age stage of life I wonder: “Is there time left for me to see and be my truth?” Recently, at therapy, a discussion around anger. My anger suppressed and turned inward. Emotionally-abandoned as a child, my MO became to hold all my hurt and anger in so as not to create any more reasons for the adults in … More Giving Voice to Anger

The Unluckiest Moment

Some might have said it was an unlucky end to her illustrious career. A grand dame of the Bel Canto repertoire forced to exit the international stage prematurely for health reasons. But she knew, if anything, that the situation was quite the reverse. She’d enjoyed her many years in the spotlight and now it was time to … More The Unluckiest Moment