Mrs. Cardinal


Upon her comfort

Perch she sits,

Gazing out to

Horizons golden-

Veiled, and longing

For the gilt touch

Upon her furrowed brow.

Not so far, the flight ~

But, ah, so


The nest now but empty,

A cagéd prison

Of her untested fear.

But, the sun ~

The sun does so beckon

And the warmth

Upon her back

Would be so fine.

Thou agéd wings unfold,

Perchance the light upon this

Solo flight to shine.


Thanks for visiting …


©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014 

4 thoughts on “Solo

    1. Thanks. It was a poem written many years ago at a time when I was approaching a crossroads in my life. It simply came to mind today as I looked to our grey garden and longed for a wisp of colour. Mrs. Cardinal is from last year’s archive. This winter’s been too cold for the birds to stick around.

    1. Yes, well, I hear the birds singing and wonder how they’re able to stay warm through this cold misery. Bear is shedding his winter coat now, so I put the released hair out on the snow bank for the birds to find and put in their nests. I hope it helps.

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