Winter Sun


The cold of Winter hath the landscape gripped

And wrapped its frosted fingers good and tight.

And from the trees vast branches hath been ripped,

Their scars a sad and plaintive sign of plight.

And o’er the hills vast swathes of icy snow

A mass of crystal twinkling ‘neath the sun

A blesséd sign that e’en in ten below

The light still shines upon us, everyone.


And so the winters of our lives unfold

Perchance a time to hibernate and grow.

When life seems hard; the world outside is cold

Yet in our hearts we warm to truth we know.

Soon beastly Winter, too, itself will sleep

As Spring time o’er the hills doth start to peep.


It’s actually -20C outside. Hibernation feels like a really good idea. 😉

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy New Year!



©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014

6 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Whoa that IS cold! We’re having our first major winter storm here and with it the requisite cancellations and other shutdowns as we expect it will last 2 days. Temperatures in the balmy single digits or just below. Great night for making a double dose of sheperd’s pie!

    1. Yeah, that does sound good. … It’s currently -26C with a windchill factor of -36C. No snow at the moment, thank goodness, but I believe some’s one its way for Sunday. This has been the hardest winter we’ve had in a long time. Looking on the bright side ~ just two and a half months until spring!!! 🙂

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