Peace Rose

  ~*~ “The world is bent on destruction at the hands of those who would themselves destroy …” Grandma Rose raised her tea cup to her lips and sipped. She seemed unperturbed by her words, while I sensed my rose-coloured glasses slipping. “Fighting for peace is not the wise course, but those who know not … More Peace Rose

Ignorance Is Rarely Bliss

“It might also be possible that the world has whatever meaning you attach¬†or, perhaps bring, to it,” Aunt Rose cautioned¬†Sally. “Never take what anyone says at face value. Always explore something and measure it against your own truth. And, if you don’t know what¬†your truth¬†is, seek it out.” “How do I do that, auntie?” young … More Ignorance Is Rarely Bliss

What Changed?

  ~*~ My world ~ Breath by breath An ever-expanding, Colour-full balloon of Possibility. Easing toward divine potential. What changed? Me. ~*~ Took me a long time and a lot of personal work to begin to feel this way. It hasn’t been easy, but it has¬†been worth it. And, the journey continues … Thanks for … More What Changed?


Catastrophe. This is the first word I hear as I slowly awaken from my¬†long, deep sleep. What catastrophe? Then … “She’s awake!” … and suddenly my quiet drifting world descends into a delirium of the fussing, fretting and fearful. “Oh my god! She’s awake … look!” The room floods with hysteria. “Please stop!” I scream, … More Catastrophe

Giving Voice to Anger

At this middle-age¬†stage of life I wonder: “Is there time left for me to see and be my truth?” Recently,¬†at therapy, a discussion around anger. My anger suppressed and turned¬†inward. Emotionally-abandoned as a child, my MO became¬†to hold all my hurt and anger in so as not to¬†create any more reasons for the adults in … More Giving Voice to Anger


Solo Upon her comfort Perch she sits, Gazing out to Horizons golden- Veiled, and longing For the gilt touch Upon her furrowed brow. Not so far, the flight ~ But, ah, so Alone. The nest now but empty, A cag√©d prison Of her untested fear. But, the sun ~ The sun does so beckon And … More Solo