Shedding Light on the Family Tree: Father

The 16th in a series of posts about my family tree
Inspired by Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Prompt: Negatives


Too much of life already lost.
Too many memories
Trapped I know not
Locked away.
Hard times?
Of course, but happy
Times obscured
There, too. Why
Consider more of this?
Why engage in the
Sabotage of a memory
Already crying for
The lost and forgotten?
No, thank you.
Henceforth, memories are mine to keep,
Lest at the end for life
I weep.


Dedicated to the person whose life, and its impact on mine, I would rather not revisit.

After years of personal work I’ve made my peace.

E.G. (1929-2017)


©Dorothy E. Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2022

One thought on “Shedding Light on the Family Tree: Father

  1. Thank you for this. I find it very powerful. I wish for you only the best, my friend. Take care and stay well. Maureen (5amt3n)

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