The Seed of Doubt

Delicate Gerbera

Planted early, the

Seed of Doubt

Sprouts of innocence, feigning

Constructive criticism

Beneath the guise of

Concern, when all is but

The grasping tentacle of

Another’s insecurities. It

Binds and strangles

The tender blossom born

Of love, all the

While adopting the

Stance of the treasured,


Flower in the

Garden of Creativity.

With stealth it

Grows and creeps,

Blending into the

Unassuming landscape,

Giving nothing, but taking


Shallow rooted with toxic

Blooms it poisons

The garden of the

Soul, where personal truth

Percolates and Creativity

Is born.


Pluck now the

Weed-born seed! Fill

Well Soul’s Garden

With the glorious blossoms

Of thy Truth.

Remove all room

For Doubt ~ there

Will always be

Someone too happy to

Sow it.


Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013

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