Peace Rose

  ~*~ “The world is bent on destruction at the hands of those who would themselves destroy …” Grandma Rose raised her tea cup to her lips and sipped. She seemed unperturbed by her words, while I sensed my rose-coloured glasses slipping. “Fighting for peace is not the wise course, but those who know not … More Peace Rose

Summer’s First Kiss

Summer’s first kiss A fantasy A fumble A moment made humble. Not stolen; Theft. ~*~ “Do you remember your first kiss?” Summer asked of her mother. “Oh, darling, that was such a long time ago.” She thought for a moment. “It certainly wasn’t with your dad.” “That would be a no, then?” Summer was despondent. “Yes, that … More Summer’s First Kiss

The Seed of Doubt

Planted early, the Seed of Doubt Sprouts of innocence, feigning Constructive criticism Beneath the guise of Concern, when all is but The grasping tentacle of Another’s insecurities. It Binds and strangles The tender blossom born Of love, all the While adopting the Stance of the treasured, Indispensable Flower in the Garden of Creativity. With stealth it … More The Seed of Doubt