Wedding Vows

Many people have asked me to write out my vows as recited at our wedding on
May 25, 2013.

These sentiments evolved during a free writing exercise just days before the wedding. Little editing was required.

I love when that happens.



My Vows to Lloyd Chiotti

Lloyd … I stand with you today, before friends and family, to offer my heart, fully and completely. A heart you have opened; a heart you have healed; a heart you have loved; and a heart you have cherished. As we have grown together through the years you have taught me how to receive and give love. You have opened the door so I can live in wholeness and given me the space and support to find my place in the world and love myself in it. I pledge to you my love, honour, respect, nurturing and support, through the good times and bad, and promise to tickle your funny bone, and dance joyfully with you along the path of our life together, until the end of our days.


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