Reminiscing Revisited

Daily Prompt: From You to You Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. ~*~ Sally gazed thoughtfully through the kitchen window toward the hammock strung between maples where her 12-year-old niece, Manda, was once again happily swinging. The sweet tones of the young girl’s voice reverberated into the summer stillness, singing the tune to Reminiscing even though … More Reminiscing Revisited

Nectar to Hummingbirds

Daily Prompt: The Kindness of Strangers ~*~ “It was such a long time ago,” Sally mumbled sadly to herself as she gazed through the window to a hummingbird hovering by a feeder which hung there. “What was, Aunt Sally? What was so long ago?” Young Amanda flopped down on the sofa next to her favourite, albeit … More Nectar to Hummingbirds

Something Normal

Daily Prompt: A Dog Named Bob You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob ~*~ “You have no idea what you’re talking about,” Abby growled as she grabbed a clean plate from the … More Something Normal

The Writer

Daily Prompt: The Show Must Go On If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!) ~*~ “Cut! … What do you mean I can’t be the writer? Isn’t that the role the lead performer … and that would be … More The Writer