Just A Statue

“That’s a bit dark, isn’t it?” Mona screwed her mouth into a pouty knot and grimaced. “Miss Liberty looks like she’s had a few.” “A few what?” asked Lisa. “You know, molto vino.” “Don’t be ridiculous! It’s a statue!” “Whatever … she’s seen better days.” “No doubt.” Mona and Lisa stood together and studied the desolate … More Just A Statue

Go Away!

      ~*~ “What the hell does that even mean?” Cynthia glares at me with raccoon eyes and wails. “What do you know of my pain? My suffering? You who have everything. You think my life can be fixed with empty platitudes? Go away!” She slumps her fashionable thirty-something frame into the sofa and sobs … More Go Away!

As Good As Dead

  This week’s Free Write Friday prompt from Kellie Elmore … You find yourself in the lower level of an old ship. A calendar on the wall says 1682. There is a small window, and the view is nothing but open sea and a setting sun. There is a staircase and you can see daylight at … More As Good As Dead


 Lambs in Spring Little white balls of beautiful fluff, Bouncing and prancing and that kind of stuff. Baaing and whimpering here and there Sometimes they’ll do nothing but stop and stare. Crying for mother on a lovely spring day, Mother comes running; decides to stay. Bounding and twisting round and round, Looking for something no … More Resurrection

The Fabric of Music

Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo Music has always been a part of our family fabric. From the ancestors who played in the brass bands of northern Michigan in the 1800s to my grandfather who played a multitude of instruments in his living room, to my grandmother who warbled like a bird while painting portraits of … More The Fabric of Music

The Love Nest

Free Write Friday with Kellie Elmore. This house has a story. Tell it. ~*~ I wondered if it would be a mistake to come back; to revisit a memory that is long since buried yet yearns to be resurrected. Yet, here I am. I am not surprised the “Love Nest,” as my gramps used to … More The Love Nest

A New Life

Clearing land, you know, it never ends. My land, and then Henry’s down the road. Hard work. Real hard. We came here with our families, see. From the ol’ country. Across the pond in one of them big vessels packed with other hopefuls looking for a new life. We left everything behind that wouldn’t pack … More A New Life