In Hindsight …

Weekly Writing Challenge: Hindsight is 20/20 To me the word “hindsight” smacks of regret, and worry, and wasted energy, but for this exercise I’ll lay aside my misgivings and share a brief examination of some things I wish I’d done, in hindsight, in 2014. This year has been a time of tremendous growth and recovery on so … More In Hindsight …


 Lambs in Spring Little white balls of beautiful fluff, Bouncing and prancing and that kind of stuff. Baaing and whimpering here and there Sometimes they’ll do nothing but stop and stare. Crying for mother on a lovely spring day, Mother comes running; decides to stay. Bounding and twisting round and round, Looking for something no … More Resurrection

Wit’s End

Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! ~*~ This is an excerpt from a novel I started writing many years ago. It’s been parked in a file folder on my computer for a while and when this challenge came up I thought I’d take another look at this scene and give it a re-write … without the ending, … More Wit’s End

Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music … The Music in Me

Music moves me every day. Sometimes in subtle ways; sometimes the emotion of it is almost more than I can hold. It depends on the day … and on the piece of music. The Weekly Writing Challenge has asked us to write about being moved by music. This is a challenge for me as much … More Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music … The Music in Me