Cypress Sunset


There, upon a Tuscan Hill,

Survey the cypress, tall and still

Saluting to the burning sky

As setting sun to all says “Arrivederci!”


Something a little quirky courtesy of my recent trip to Italia.

Thanks for stopping by …


©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014



16 thoughts on “Cypress Sunset

    1. We started in Florence then, along with five other couples from our neighbourhood, stayed in a villa in Tuscany near the hamlet of Iano for a week. Half hour to San Gimignano; one hour (or so) to Siena; half hour to Volterra. Two and half hours to Cinque Terre. It was fantastic!!! Highly recommend it. We ended our trip in Venice and spent four nights there. For more pics, including some of the villa, visit my Italian gallery at 🙂 … Ciao, bella

    1. Thanks, Tina. The colours and textures of the Italian countryside are just so beautiful. We all fell in love with it and I’m really looking forward to going back one day. So much of Italy yet to experience. 🙂

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