Glimmer, hope. Be there for me. Uphold my faith in what might be. Help keep my focus on the prize. Keep me humble; make me wise. Glimmer, hope. Be there for me so I, for others, there might be. ~*~ In a world of despair and disappointment a glimmer of hope helps to keep the … More Hope

The Outsiders

Daily Prompt: The Outsiders Tell us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that. ~*~ Well, this hits close to home, Sally mused as she listened to her niece, Manda, tearfully explain how she’d not been invited to a sleepover with her supposed friends … again. “I don’t understand … More The Outsiders

Farewell, Old Friend

~*~ We were, for a while, close. For a while we shared the same boat, Sailed the same social seas. You were my anchor; I was your sails. In you I found rest; With me you could fly. We traversed that watery plain With one heart, watching For the horizon together and, For a while, the sailing … More Farewell, Old Friend