Punch the Monster

Be authentic; know who you are. Understand what’s buried beneath those mountainous feelings of inadequacy, fear, suffering, depression, despair, grief. Be prepared to walk deep into the cave of your misgivings; to poke the monster, Vulnerability, and hear its high-pitched squeal that shuts you down or sends you running. Be prepared to punch the monster … More Punch the Monster


Glimmer, hope. Be there for me. Uphold my faith in what might be. Help keep my focus on the prize. Keep me humble; make me wise. Glimmer, hope. Be there for me so I, for others, there might be. ~*~ In a world of despair and disappointment a glimmer of hope helps to keep the … More Hope

Now You See It

Sheer shimmer; Flash of light Vibration. Beyond shining. More vital; More alive; More present behind The grey disguise. Mercurial, myriad Hues ~ blues, Greens, pinks, Golds. Shades of life Discerned by Soul. Now you See it; now you Don’t. Now you see it. ~*~ I was thinking of the beautiful feldspar stone, Labradorite, while writing … More Now You See It

No Rush

Rush … A fast word. Adrenline-fed. Exhausting. ~*~ I learned the hard way to change my life-long pattern of being “in a rush.” Years of adrenal fatigue the rude wake-up call. Let me give you a tip ~ S-l-o-w d-o-w-n. There really is no rush. Thanks for visiting, Dorothy ~*~ ©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights … More No Rush


I am a work in progress. The canvas of my life Stretches across the easel Of time, anticipating each nurturing Brush stroke by the Masterful Artist. I am a landscape ~ An ever-unfolding vista of colours, And shapes and light. The shadows of clouds Float in, and out, Dispersed by bright sunshine, Irreverent and true. … More Masterpiece


Sssslithering, ssssliding, sssslinking ’round tox-ssssick tree. Shiny apple offered; foe friendship ~ flattering, falsssse. Forked tongue a twissssted tale teller. Laden with loathssssome liessss; sssserpent’s sssseditious charm. Shedding sssscum-sssscaled faux-ssssparkle sssskin, bedazzling innocentssss to wanton, wicked wayssss. Sssstrike! Hsssssssssssssssssssssssssss …. ~*~ Early last year I wrote a series of 14 poems prompted by a prolonged … More Viper

A Taste of Music

Don’t over think this, I tell  myself while contemplating a response to my niece’s inquiry about my taste in music. Amy’s 12 and at an age where she’s developing her taste for many things, music being one of them. “Well?” Amy waits not so patiently at the wobbly kitchen table, one hand dipping into a freshly made … More A Taste of Music

Bedtime Story

“Would you read something to me before we turn out the light,” asks my sleepy niece, Amy, as I tuck her into bed. “Please.” With her parents off on a well-deserved long weekend, Amy’s pulling an all-nighter at our house, something which doesn’t happen often, but which she loves because it means she can help out with the horses in … More Bedtime Story


“What are you thinking about?” Manda plops down beside me on the window bench and follows my gaze to the paddock. The sun is setting. It’s a perfect time for reflection. “You seem so faraway.” “I am, sweetie,” I sigh. “I am.” “Why?” “Oh, I’m thinking about your great grandmother. If she were still alive she’d … More Fanny