Glimmer, hope. Be there for me. Uphold my faith in what might be. Help keep my focus on the prize. Keep me humble; make me wise. Glimmer, hope. Be there for me so I, for others, there might be. ~*~ In a world of despair and disappointment a glimmer of hope helps to keep the … More Hope

Now You See It

Sheer shimmer; Flash of light Vibration. Beyond shining. More vital; More alive; More present behind The grey disguise. Mercurial, myriad Hues ~ blues, Greens, pinks, Golds. Shades of life Discerned by Soul. Now you See it; now you Don’t. Now you see it. ~*~ I was thinking of the beautiful feldspar stone, Labradorite, while writing … More Now You See It

Sir Winter

~ X ~ Sir Winter hath his frigid tune declared With blast of snow ‘pon wind that gusteth fierce. But I, perchance, am not so unprepared My body warm with blankets nought can pierce. Though sleet and rain and pellets icy fall Upon the ground and mire where’er I go, My repast take I warmly … More Sir Winter